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Community We Support

Women Leaders in Technology


Women Leaders in Technology is a technical and professional leadership development organization for young women in Nepal with a vision to empower women to become innovators.

WLiT working to close the gender gap in the technology
Women Leaders in Technology works to educate, inspire, and equip girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields. There is a wide gap in the entry to the tech world and only a few females have crossed. We have seen low female presence in tech sectors in Nepal. The challenge partly lies in getting more women to be educated in technological fields. The girls who opt for a degree in engineering and programming find that they have been less exposed to technology and technical skill sets comparing to their male counterparts. The challenge also lies in leadership i.e. the lack of women in decision-making and key positions. This reinforces the impression that women aren’t suitable for the top tech positions. This also hinders creation of women friendly environment in tech world. WLiT is an initiative we have taken to address this issue.

Nepal Cloud User Group

ncugNepal Cloud User Group (NCUG) is a community of Nepal where IT Professionals and developers can share their knowledge and technical expertise of cloud computing. NCUG is focused on Microsoft Azure platform. NCUG helps professionals and community members to learn new things by sharing knowledge by community meet-ups every month and also try to solve the problems with it. Training on Microsoft Azure is done for professionals, educators and students to make sure every professionals and students have working knowledge on cloud computing.  During the meet-ups, NCUG promises to deliver deep dive technical sessions on Microsoft Azure, share knowledge with the community, and solve the problems of the members.



AspNetCommunity is a very active User Group of Nepal where .Net geeks from all around the globe can gather to share their knowledge and views. Share their experiences, problems they are facing, exchange their ideas and knowledge and obtain better understanding of what they are doing. AspNetCommunity invite to become a member of community and spread knowledge and ideas through blogs, forum and snippets section and broaden professional network. Every month, AspNetCommunity is holding a community meet-up for the professionals to share the knowledge on ASP.Net. The meeting is organize with lots of technical information the members and professionals. Around 30-40 professionals attend the monthly meet-up.

WinServer Community Nepal

wscFounded in 2013, WinServer Community Nepal, in short, WSC Nepal is a not for profit group of IT Professionals based out of Kathmandu who either administer, deploy or architect Windows Server & related server technologies.

Finding answers. Sharing ideas. Solving problems. Whatever your goals, WinServer Community Nepal is primarily a IT Pro users group that would help you get most out of the latest server technologies. Every month we meet up (we loving call the meeting- Monthly Roundup), pick up Windows Server based topics and deliver presentations to the members and then move forward to an open discussion. In order to join monthly roundups and upcoming events, simply send an email to Some of our events are free to join, while some are paid. Whatever is the event-type, the user group is totally non-for profit and completely focuses its programs and meetings in the benefits of its members. In the past year and as of now, we have organized several roundups, full day workshops and national conferences. There is no cost to join the community. Simply join us online and in our offline events. If you believe that you have passion to support this initiation and wish to join hands with us, kindly send us an email. We will reach you out. Email us at: and join us in Facebook Group: Similarly, you can tweet us in and get the recent news from Facebook page

AR/VR Developers Nepal

thumbnail_ar-vr-developers%27-meeting-cover-pageAR/VR developers Nepal serves as a platform for augmented reality and virtual reality developers and enthusiasts in Nepal to share knowledge, network, connect and share their experience. The group also aids Nepalese developers on finding out solutions that they encounter while developing mixed reality applications. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a growing market from which the developers of Nepal can immensely benefit from. The focus and aim of this group is to help developers, businesses and consumers generate interest in this field by creating awareness and knowledge on the benefits of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality implications.

Developers Nepal


Developers Nepal is an online space for developers, technologists and enthusiasts to connect and spread the love of technology in Nepal. This group is for, and by, the people who love sharing knowledge and working together to create a better online environment. If you think you love technology and are even remotely connected to Nepal, we welcome you to join us!


thumbnail_miss-tech-logoMiss-Tech is a team of women for women from Robotics Association of Nepal. It has been initiated with a vision of encouraging women in technical field and develop the leadership in them. It has been developing a platform for enthusiastic women in technology to share their technical knowledge so that they can make a positive difference in their communities. Miss-Tech aims to provide different software, hardware and leadership related workshops for the students of different levels to teach courses about coding, creating and computing. The team believes that the fastest way to change the society is to mobilize the women of the society

KTM JS Developers

ktm-jsKathmandu JS Developers are the community groups that promotes JavaScript development in Nepal. Their goal is to bring like-minded people together to share their expertise in JavaScript and related web technologies.


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